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Words From Senior Centers

"Intergenerational Love and support from all ages! Without being able to welcome visitors into our communities over these past few weeks, we’ve been particularly missing the energy and happiness of children in our halls. Intergenerational programs are an important part of our communities. But like all other things we are adjusting and finding new ways to connect kids and seniors together. We are thrilled to share an online art gallery provided by San Ramon students – all sisters. We want to thank Apara Sai Jella, a caring high school sophomore, and her sisters, Ghrini 4th grade, and Sri Tulaja Jella, a preschooler. Recognizing that seniors sheltering in place could use all the color they can get in these challenging times, these sisters created an online library of hundreds of pieces of uplifting artwork and they were kind enough to give us access to all of it so that we can share them with our seniors! These kids are proving that heroes truly come in all shapes and sizes, and no effort to help is too small." - Aegis Living

"Oh my goodness these are lovely! It definitely shows how much love and effort went into these beautiful cards. Due to the Coronavirus, our residents have been staying in their rooms since March 13th. This has been quite challenging to keep their spirits up. Also the fact that they cannot have their loved ones near. It is people like you that make such a significant difference in their daily lives. I will show them in individually on my laptop. With the amount of cards, this will be a beneficial and continuous tool. I can also print them out for many user, including decorating their rooms."

"We have printed most (but, honestly, not all) of the cards and began distributing them to our residents this week. The residents have all appreciated receiving the cards and they bring smiles to their faces. The cards are all very colorful and creative which is a big help for residents who may have difficulty reading small print or who do not speak English. Thank you very much for sharing these inspirational and encouraging cards with our residents!"

"Wow, these cards are beautiful! Thank you so much for all the hard and wonderful work that you, Ghrini, and Tulaja put into these cards. The seniors in our community are sure to love them! I will add them to our website shortly! Thanks again for doing this..."

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful website. It's so nice to see the kindness that is being shared during this challenging time. I took a look at the work you have done and it's very inspiring! Thank you and keep sharing the kindness and love ~ the world definitely needs in now more than ever!"

"Very nice job Apara!! Impressive work!"

"The art is wonderful and will definitely be enjoyed by those that receive the cards."

"I love the creative and joyful pieces you have posted, I will share them with our Life Enrichment Coordinator to use for our Elders. Thanks for thinking of our Elders at this time, they truly appreciate connection during this period of isolation."

"You have founded a really special organization that is bring joy to the most vulnerable during very challenging times. We're so appreciative of all you do... You'll definitely bring smiles to our residents."

"Thank you so much. These are wonderful. We will let you know when they go out and any feedback we hear from the senior community, that receives them! Well done!!"

"I have shared these beautiful cards with all our communities who can share with our residents."

"Thank you for thinking of us and our seniors."

"Wow such beautiful cards. We are placing them throughout the community for all the residents to enjoy."

"Keep spreading love and joy always!" - Aegis Living

"...I wanted you to know that I have forwarded your information to all of our 117 communities so that they can go on your website and look at and print the beautiful cards that are on their for our residents."

"Thank you so much Apara, our residents LOVED the cards!"

"Great job putting together such a nice and positive website :D I am going to send this on to our Life Enrichment Director. She printed some of the previous cards and our residents really loved seeing them."

"This is such a great idea! I love your website, and I'm positive that all who will benefit from your kind cards will too."

"Thank you so much. These are wonderful. We will let you know when they go out and any feedback we hear from the senior community, that receives them! Well done!!"

Spreading the Joy...

One of the Seniors reading a card made by Ghrini.


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