About Us

This global pandemic has created new and unique situations. Bring a simple smile onto the isolated faces of patients to ignite a sweet joy in them, from the comfort of our homes. These cards and pieces of artwork will be accessible to thousands of patients in need. 


Apara Sai
Founder/Executive Director
Love all Serve All, and Help ever Hurt Never are the teachings that Apara loves and follows. She is a freshman in college. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she co-founded SmileCard to provide an endless supply of loving cards for everyone. In her free time, she loves to bake, play instruments, sing and dance. 


Ghrini Sai
Loves all art forms including drawing, painting, singing, and dancing.. Wishes to make a difference in the lives of everyone in a fun creative way. 

Directors of Operations

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Maddy Reedy
Maddy joined SmileCard in 2020 and is now a senior in High School. Some of her hobbies consist of meeting famous people at Disneyland, listening to Harry Styles, and hanging out with friends. She enjoys acting, staying active and play with her dog. She also love to do her nails, and you can often find her with fun designs. Her favorite type of music is indie and R&B but you can also find her listening to rap while jamming out in her car. 

Julia Nguyen
  Julia is a senior in high school who loves to spend time with friends and family. You can often find her listening to music, playing soccer, or watching a good tv show. She joined the SmileCard team because she wanted to help spread joy to those in her community. On occasion, Julia enjoys dabbling in the world of arts and crafts and she is look forward to seeing all your creative card art!

Directors of Community Outreach


Sneha Vallabhajosyula

Sneha is a senior in high school from Atlanta who loves to hang out and strike new conversations with people. She is often seen singing Indian classical songs and pop music while also attempting to sing her favorite K-pop band's songs. She joined the SmileCard Team because she believes that even the smallest gestures bring smiles to faces. She is looking forward to everyone's encouraging creative cards!


Aarya is a freshman at Northwood High Aarya is a freshman at Northwood High School in the sun-kissed land of Irvine, California. He has many hobbies like swimming, biking, and messing with his brother every once in a while. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up and is very passionate about volunteering.

Volunteer Outreach Coordinators


Srishravya Katukogula

Sri is a freshman in high school who loves spending time with her friends and family! She enjoys reading, trying out new recipes, meeting new people and you'll often see her watching a funny show. With SmileCard, she hopes to spread encouragement and positivity. Sri loves to make art in her free time and is looking forward to your wonderful creations!


Nicole Guo

 Nicole is a freshman in high school and some of her hobbies include playing tennis, baking for her family, and playing the violin. In her free time, she loves traveling around the world and playing cards with friends and family. You will often find her listening to pop or EDM music, reading a good book, or watching movies. She's very excited to join the SmileCard community and see all your beautiful art!

Tech Team

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Pranav Palagummi
Website Director

Pranav is a high schooler from the Bay Area. You can usually catch him reading a book, watching TV, or talking with his friends. He's always been interested in helping people with technology, especially during the current pandemic, and he joined SmileCard because it is a great way to help others while doing what he loves. 


Meghana Gunda

Website Director

Meghana is a junior from Virginia. She loves to watch Netflix and hang out with friends and family. Community service is a big part of her and you will always catch her doing something related to that. She's excited to help grow SmileCard! 

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Rhea Nayar

Website Director

Rhea is a junior from Virginia. She loves to travel and hang out with her friends. In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking her dog, and spending time with her family. She joined SmileCard because she would love to contribute to putting a smile on people's faces. 

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Sumedha Varanasi

Director of Social Media

Sumedha Varanasi is currently a freshman at California High School. She loves to play badminton, listen to R&B songs, research random people on the internet, and read crime and mystery books in her free time. You can see her most of the time outside and writing supernatural stories but occasionally she'll be in her room and binging a good tv series. She joined SmileCard in hopes of making more people happy in the community during these times.