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Thank you to all the contributors for bringing joy and smiles to everyone.

May all the beings in all the worlds have happiness and peace.

Below is the list of our first contributors.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to grow this organization!

Sri Tulaja Sai
Loves to Draw, Paint and Play. 


Saanvi and Abhi Reddy
Hi, My name is Saanvi, I am 9 years old. Me and my brother Abhi loved to do cards for seniors. I love to draw, read, cook and do gardening. We also help my mom.

saanvi and Abhi.jpg

Alison Lim
I am a high school junior from Southern California. I enjoy science, making art, cooking, and spending time with my family. I am really grateful that I am able to help others through my art.


Shaina Binu
Made 68 cards to bring joy to seniors. 

Letter (46).jpg

Marcia Savela
I am a retired librarian and published poet, a member of the League of Minnesota Poets. Although retired, I mentor 1st&2nd graders who need help with math and reading and enjoy every minute of it. 


Anoushka Pandit
My name is Anoushka Pandit, a fourteen-year-old rising sophomore in San Francisco Bay Area. I have played piano as an extracurricular activity since I was seven after being inspired by the famous pianist and musical composer, Yanni. I like to paint and sketch in my free time. I hope to make more cards and bring more smiles to the community. 


The Trinity Center for Music
Smt. Anuradha Sridhar, a teacher, performer and ambassador for South Indian Carnatic music in the Bay Area, established the Trinity Center for Music in 1989. The mission of this school is to groom stellar students of music and to serve and propagate the esthetics of Carnatic music in the United States. After completing a successful fundraiser for Jacob's Heart - Children's Cancer Support Services in July, the Trinity students worked on creating beautiful cards this Thanksgiving. These cards will be printed and sent to the children undergoing cancer treatment in underprivileged families by Jacob's Heart.



Ghrini Sai Jella
I love to draw, paint, sing and dance. I am very happy to bring smiles to everyone through a simple act of making cards.

image0 (6).jpeg

Latha Muthukumar
I am a preschool teacher.  Also I have been volunteering as teacher in California Tamil academy for the past 9 years. Arts and crafts is my strength. I am really happy that I am able to use that to make seniors/ people in need happy.

image1 (2).jpeg

Taylor St. Clair
My name is Taylor, I’m 15 and I live in Southern California. I going to be a sophomore in high school. I am on my hs track team and I do long and triple jump. My favorite class is human body systems. I love journaling, making bracelets, and digital artwork


Stacy Huntley
 I am a high school senior from Pennsylvania who enjoys roller skating and crime TV shows. While I am not the most artistically talented, I enjoy helping others and volunteering my time in my community. 

Lisa Del Cid.jpg

Lisa Del Cid
Hello, my name is Lisa. I am from Washington State, I love arts and crafts. It brings me great joy knowing I made someone smile today :)


Sara G.
My name is Sara and I enjoy volunteering to help out my community. Aside from making cards, I like taking care of my pets and being a part of my scouting troop. 


San Francisco Zion Church
San Francisco Zion Church is a church serving the Bay Area community that has dedicated themselves to volunteering and service work. San Francisco Zion Church has been serving the most needed communities, such as families impacted by the wildfires, local firefighters, and families affected by COVID-19. Their work has been recognized by both the community and the press. 


Leo Club
We are the Sierra Vista High School LEO Club from Baldwin Park, CA. Our club is based on Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. Our members often volunteer and help out within our community. We decided to make these cards to support and cheer up the senior citizens and people that are suffering a lot during these hard times. We are glad and honored to be able to help out using our cards, and we hope that these words from our members can make someone’s day better.

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