Thank you to all the contributors for bringing joy and smile to everyone .

May all the beings in all the worlds have happiness and peace.

Below is the list of contributors with their name and age.  Profile of the star contributors with more than 25 cards will be featured on this page.

Star Contributors

Sri Tulaja Sai

Loves to Draw, Paint and Play

Ghrini Sai

I love to draw, paint, sing and dance. I am very happy to bring smiles to everyone through a simple act of making cards.

Saanvi and Abhi Reddy

Hi, My name is Saanvi, I am 9 years old. Me and my brother Abhi loved to do cards for seniors. I love to draw, read, cook and do gardening. We also help my mom.

Latha Muthukumar

I am a preschool teacher.  Also I have been volunteering as teacher in California Tamil academy for the past 9 years. Arts and crafts is my strength. I am really happy that I am able to use that to make seniors/ people in need happy.

Alison Lim

I am a high school junior from Southern California. I enjoy science, making art, cooking, and spending time with my family. I am really grateful that I am able to help others through my art.

Taylor St. Clair

My name is Taylor, I’m 15 and I live in Southern California. I going to be a sophomore in high school. I am on my hs track team and I do long and triple jump. My favorite class is human body systems. I love journaling, making bracelets, and digital artwork

Shaina Binu

 Made 68 cards to bring joy to seniors.


Stacy Huntley

 I am a high school senior from Pennsylvania who enjoys roller skating and crime TV shows. While I am not the most artistically talented, I enjoy helping others and volunteering my time in my community. 


  • Harika Marada

  • Gracie Neves

  • Lucia Neves

  • Yasaswini  pattangi

  • Shivani  Subramanian

  • Saanvi Reddy

  • Annie Hu

  • Melanie Hui

  • Taylor St. Clair

  • Sammie Mah - Gersting 

  • Johnny Mah - Gersting 

  • Danielle Hu

  • Mia Geiger

  • Ahan Kadam

  • Fae Nguyen

  • Zoë Weinstein

  • Sahaana  Muralikrishna

  • Harikeshav Muralikrishna

  • Nithya Varanasi

  • SriTvishi Vanapalli

  • Elizabeth Iwamoto

  • Brooke Avery

  • Mary Neves

  • Bavanga Sai Gunti

  • Julia Nguyen

  • Prabhdeep Kaur

  • Justin May

  • Alison Lim

  • Peggy Hui

  • Amanda Sweeney

  • Jack Thain

  • Ellie Butler

  • Daniel

  • Lyana Sayilar

  • Jamie Quach

  • Keri Reilly

  • Mailee Myers-Rodriguez

  • Cambree Garcia 

  • Emma Pruitt

  • Deepika Rani

  • Hana Friedman

  • Harrison Smith 

  • Sanchita Mittal

  • Charlotte Xenopoulos

  • Grayson Orndorf

  • Daniel Chen-Wong

  • Anchal Nayyar

  • Marcia Savela

  • Allison Su

  • Ellie Iwamoto

  • Sarah Alismail

  • Nadia Breitenbucher

  • Melanie Nantha 

  • Presley Smith

  • Katelyn Hix

  • Kristin Geros & kids

  • Kimmie Bullock

  • Jennifer Fitzgerald

  • Lisa W

  • Mylene Vasquez

  • Paul Nguyen

  • Dodye J Lord-Lloyd

  • Wisyanski, Lisa

  • Richardson, Amber

  • David Thomsen

  • Feliz G Hill

  • Lauren C. Reed

  •  Kesey Civil

  • David Thomsen

  • Sonia Alimchandani

  • Natalia Ocampo 

  • Don Valenciano

  • Lauren Hillner

  • Paul Nguyen

  • Tam (Nick) Nguyen

  • Michael Paul Cheung

  • Vanessa Au

  • Zita F Chan

  • Juliana Brandt

  • Isabelle Rose

  • Bianca V. 

  • Carissa Tomatsu

  • LeAnn Gardere

  • Bobby Dagostino

  • Brett Nelson

  • Sri Tulaja Sai

  • Ghrini Sai

  • Apara Sai

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